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Product Spotlight

available from Satori Software Inc.
Advanced Matching and Duplicate Management Improve and maintain the strength of your relationships with customers, prospects and business partners. Satori Relate helps you identify duplicate records and gain an aggregate understanding of your contacts by consolidating or linking data from all... Read more ›
available from ActiveReports Server
Intuitively create sophisticated, interactive ad hoc reports while eliminating complexities. Now your business users can quickly develop professional-looking, interactive ad hoc reports for the Web using only their Web browser, with no need to worry about the technical details. Plus, with... Read more ›
available from Panorama Software Ltd
Panorama Necto is a Business Intelligence 3.0 solution that brings together the best of Data Discovery and Enterprise BI through a collaboration and unique contextual connection. Necto is the only BI solution that allows you to connect to any data source and model data using in-memory technology,... Read more ›

Top Companies

ActiveReports Server is a 100% Web-based, rich, ad hoc reporting solution for business users, enabling them to easily create interactive reports. Its browser-based, ad hoc report designer and secure, scalable storage support multi-tenant self-service reporting and accelerate self-service BI adoption much more effectively than traditional reporting...
OpenBI is a professional services firm focused on helping our customers extract maximum value from their growing data assets. Our transformative services and solutions combine expertise in big data architecture, advanced analytics and best-practice business intelligence system design/deployment. Our staff of experienced data and analytics...
Satori Software delivers industry-leading contact data quality and mailing preparation solutions, which include point-of-entry validation, data hygiene and data enhancement. Organizations that use Satori products and services reap the benefits of increased overall address quality, reduced returned mail, faster delivery times and better internal efficiency.