Liaison Celebrates National Health IT Week with Free Interoperability Webinar

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ATLANTA, Oct. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Liaison Technologies, a recognized leader in cloud-based integration and data management solutions, joins clinicians, administrators and researchers to celebrate National Health IT Week from October 2-6 by offering a free webinar focused on the challenge of interoperability in healthcare on October 5.

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Health professionals understand the value of health IT in supporting healthcare transformation, expanding access to quality care, increasing economic opportunity and making communities healthier. Unfortunately, health IT professionals face many challenges as the volume and variety of sources of data increase, and as the demand to share data across disparate systems and outside of existing silos becomes critical to support clinical and business decisions.

"There is no lack of data in healthcare today, but clinicians and health leaders cannot easily access the information because it is collected into a multitude of different systems that do not easily support integration, aggregation and harmonization of data," said Gary Palgon, Vice President of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Liaison Technologies. "In fact, hospitals of 500 beds or more average 25 unique data sources with six electronic medical records systems in use. Those numbers will only move up over time, not down."

Liaison's ALLOY™ Platform for Healthcarewith Managed Services enables hospitals to more easily integrate, manage, harmonize and share both structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, including Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), medical devices, wearable fitness trackers and even social media, in a secure, actionable and compliant manner. The cloud-based solution offers a cost-effective, resource-efficient strategy to better budget for data integration and management, and to better utilize in-house IT staff.

"In addition to recognizing the importance of health IT during this week, it is critical that we keep looking forward at how data integration and aggregation will continue to change – which is why we are offering a free interoperability seminar," explained Palgon. "As healthcare organizations work to stay on top of the ever-changing data challenges, it is important to explore options that maximize the value of data available to clinicians and researchers alike."

"The Future of Interoperability and Integration in Healthcare: How Can Your Organization Prepare?" will feature John Lynn, founder of, and Michael Lukac, from Liaison Technologies. They will focus on development of a strategy for scaling efforts to collect, integrate, harmonize and aggregate healthcare data.

Register for the free webinar, "The Future of Interoperability and Integration in Healthcare: How Can Your Organization Prepare?" at

For more information about National Health IT Week, visit or use #NHITWeek to follow the conversation on social media. Find out more about Liaison's ALLOY Platform for Healthcare and its data Platform as a Service (dPaaS) approach to complex integration and data management for the healthcare and life sciences sectors at

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