Liaison Technologies Rolls Out ALLOY Launcher, Streamlining Access to Advanced Platform Features

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ATLANTA, Dec. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Liaison Technologies, a recognized leader in cloud-based integration and data management solutions, today announced the rollout of ALLOY Launcher, an intuitive and integrated user interface with single sign-on functionality that provides access to all integration and data management capabilities for the award-winning Liaison ALLOY Platform in one location. Like the screen of a smartphone, ALLOY Launcher makes it easy for users to navigate between the ALLOY Platform's various functions and applications.

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ALLOY, a next-generation platform for solving today's integration and data management challenges, provides unified integration and data management abilities as managed services, buffering the complexities of increasing data volume and variety. ALLOY Launcher is an intuitive user interface that provides full access to various applications available on ALLOY. The simplicity of ALLOY Launcher's design makes it easier for users to efficiently manage their data.

This latest innovation from Liaison is in direct response to growing customer demand for the Liaison ALLOY Platform. The single sign-on (SSO) feature automatically detects the users' role and access level and displays relevant applications upon authorization, including data monitoring and visualization apps like LENS, an integrated UI that provides real-time visibility into the lifecycle of data managed by the ALLOY Platform. Users can also access the Data Stewardship UI from Launcher to act on their data. The Conveyor app, which allows users to perform ad-hoc uploads and downloads of files to send or receive with users and systems, is accessible from Launcher, as is the ServiceNow cloud-based ticketing system and business intelligence and data analytics tools like Tableau.

ALLOY Launcher is browser based, which means users can have additional windows open to multitask and maximize productivity. The display adapts so that users can access ALLOY Launcher on mobile devices as well as desktops and laptops, enabling users to monitor mission-critical data in the office, on the road, at home or anywhere else. ALLOY Launcher works across all major browser types, including Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Securing access to confidential and proprietary data is a top priority for Liaison, so ALLOY Launcher was built from the ground up to comply with stringent security standards, including PCI, the data security standard that regulates the payment card industry, and HIPAA, legislation that sets standards to ensure patient privacy in the authorized exchange of health information.

"ALLOY Launcher puts all ALLOY Platform functions in one location while also streamlining the user experience," said Jonathan Razza, Vice President of Emerging Technologies and ALLOY Program for Liaison. "ALLOY Launcher has an intuitive user interface that saves time and can be custom branded for our customers to deliver a consistent and customizable browser experience with a single sign-on design. It makes driving innovation and insights with ALLOY even easier than before."

In 2018, the Liaison team plans to add more features to Launcher, including two-factor authentication for an additional layer of security. Another planned feature is integration with customers' Active Directory systems for a seamless enterprise login experience, user provisioning and access control.

Designed to reduce the complexity in data integration, eliminate data silos and meet multiple compliance standards on a single platform, Liaison's ALLOY Platform gives organizations a way to unlock data value and gain insight to drive innovation and operational efficiency as they move toward a data-inspired future. Learn more at

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