SL Introduces APACHE Kafka Monitoring with RTView 3.8

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CORTE MADERA, Calif., Oct. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SL RTView 3.8 is making a splash with the launch of new Apache Kafka and TIBCO Adapter monitoring solution packages. SL is the leading performance monitoring vendor for middleware and middleware-powered applications.

Real-Time Visibility

In addition to new monitoring targets, Kafka and TIBCO Adapters, the RTView 3.8 release expands functionality and support for TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO ActiveSpaces, and TIBCO EMS.

"Demand for Kafka monitoring within our customer base has exceeded expectations and we are excited to help our middleware-centric customers take advantage of new architectures," saysTed Wilson, COO at SL. "As RTView customers transition their technology footprints to include new technologies such as Kafka, it's critical they stay focused on the performance of their middleware infrastructure."

Apache Kafka Monitoring
SL's new RTView's Solution Package for Apache Kafka provides a complete Kafka monitoring solution with pre-built dashboards and pre-configured alerts for monitoring Kafka brokers, producers, consumers, topics and Kafka Zookeepers.

TIBCO Adapter Monitoring
The new RTView Solution Package for TIBCO Adapters gives you visibility into the performance of this critical layer with prebuilt dashboards and pre-configured alerts for various technical adapters, functional adapters, and custom adapters.

TIBCO BusinessWorks Monitoring
The Solution Package for TIBCO BusinessWorks has been enhanced with new alerts and the addition of data management options for improving performance. It also includes improvements to the way it detects and presents the status of BW Engines.

TIBCO ActiveSpaces Monitoring
The RTView Solution Package for TIBCO ActiveSpaces provides new pre-configured alerts and enables users to visualize the load on space member processes, such as CPU and memory, to better understand available capacity.

TIBCO EMS Monitoring
The Solution Package for TIBCO EMS has been enhanced with several user experience improvements.

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About SL:SL is a San Francisco Bay Area-based software company that develops real-time monitoring, visualization and diagnostic software for Global 1000 and mid-market companies whose businesses depend on complex, high-performance applications. The company has deep expertise in monitoring and management of custom, distributed applications running in heterogeneous middleware environments.

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