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  • iDashboards

    Dashboard Software, Executive Dashboards & Excel Dashboards
    iDashboards Cloud (SaaS): Excel is an excellent program to organize information into a spreadsheet, but leaves data difficult to distribute and analyze. iDashboards transforms your data into visually rich charts and graphs, providing at-a-glance insight, to any number of users with ease. iDashboards Cloud is a hosted...
  • DataSelf Corp.

    DataSelf Analytics for Salesforce: You know that Salesforce excels at customer relationship management (CRM), yet you may feel that its built-in reporting doesn’t provide the visibility you need. A flexible and robust BI solution for Salesforce is missing! DataSelf Analytics fulfills that role by adding extensive reporting...
  • Virtual Cube Solutions

    vCube: vCube is a Microsoft Excel add-in that allows users to visualize and navigate through any dimensional data mart as if it were an OLAP cube. Using the Virtual Cube designer module, IT specialists or power users can easily create a cube-like representation of a source data mart within a few...
  • Genexus, Inc

  • Root3 Technologies Inc.

  • Fuzebox Software Corporation

  • Spax Solutions LLC

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