Analytic Service Providers (ASP) for Data Warehousing (44 companies found)

Outsourcers that manage data warehouses or analytic applications in a hosted environment or provide off-site data enhancement services (e.g. data mining or data cleansing) for in-house systems groups.

  • DataSelf

    Business Intelligence for Mid-Sized Businesses
    Why can’t mid-sized organizations have the best in business intelligence tools? That’s the question that launched DataSelf Analytics and what still drives it today. The Fortune 2000 still seems to have all the best technology and the most polished interfaces. Mid-sized organizations find that...
  • ScienceSoft

    Data Warehouse Services: Consulting and Development: Data warehouse services help companies implement, improve or migrate their DWH solution to consolidate disparate data sources under one roof and enhance their decision-making. Since 2005, ScienceSoft has been rendering a full range of data warehousing services, including consulting, development,...
  • IBM

    IBM offers Data Management services, unified Governance and Integration services, Data Science and Business Analytics services.
  • Intelliberg Associates, Incorporated

  • Bodhtree Consulting , Ltd.

  • In4mation Insights, LLC

  • Sarayu Consultants, Inc.

  • We Predict, Inc.

  • WCI Consulting, Inc.

  • Idexcel