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Founded in 1978, IRI is a leading developer of fast data management and data-centric protection software. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, IRI has more than 40 resale and support offices worldwide.

IRI products -- including the modern Voracity platform for data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics -- speed and replace legacy ETL and other mission-critical operations, and specialty profiling, transformation, masking, quality, CDC, replication, and test data tools.

Only IRI customers can run with the proven performance of IRI CoSort or seamless Hadoop engines, and share a simple metadata and intuitive Eclipse front-end.

IRI customers include the world's largest telco, bank and financial services companies, airlines, manufacturers, healthcare, and government agencies. IRI works with the leading Unix, Linux and Windows hardware and software manufacturers, and partners with consultancies in BI/DW, big data, database, mainframe migration, and data security.

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Products by IRI, The CoSort Company

By IRI, The CoSort Company

Discover, Deliver & Delete PII: Find sensitive data in structured, semi-structured, unstructured sources using multiple search techniques. Use the search results to simultaneously or separately provide, remove, or fix the PII to comply with GDPR data portability, erasure, or rectification... Read more »

By IRI, The CoSort Company

IRI Voracity is a robust, high-performance data management platform combining multiple IRI products and ergonomic wizards to perform and speed data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics. Powered by IRI CoSort or Hadoop engines, and built on the Eclipse IDE for familiarity... Read more »

By IRI, The CoSort Company

RowGen rapidly generates safe, referentially correct file and database test data for enterprise data warehouses. RowGen can both randomly generate fake, but realistic test data, and randomly select from real data to anonymize PII. RowGen parses the data models of one or more tables and... Read more »

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