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New Zealand

About Idiom Ltd

IDIOM develops and licenses the Idiom Decision Manager™, Idiom Forms™, and the Data Management Workbench™. These decision centric tools give business owners a hands-on ability to manage decision making within their systems, making the systems more agile and responsive to business needs.
IDIOM is a pioneer and leading player in the development of decision oriented concepts, and in applying these concepts to the automation of intelligent processes. IDIOM’s Decision Centric Development Approach™ brings unparalleled speed and simplicity to the development of the many systems which benefit from automated decision making.
IDIOM’s products and approach combine to reduce development cost, risk, and time to market on a massive scale. And these advantages are amplified in larger and more complex systems, as demonstrated by our many customers around the globe in insurance, finance, superannuation, enterprise billing, clinical health, loyalty schemes, and local, state, and national government.

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By Idiom Ltd

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