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Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 3EJ
United Kingdom
About Ideagen
  • Workbench software is configurable to allow electronic signatures to be necessary at every significant stage of approval and action. Moreover, it is completely traceable thanks to the systems' exceptional history and audit trails that record who did what and when at every key stage. Information is stored in our secure database structure ensuring complete control over access to that information. Workbench has the ability to:
    •Force you to view changes to documentation
    •Require an electronic approval and acknowledgement
    •Be driven via your email system for ease and accessibility

    The Workbench suite of products is designed to specifically address the needs of compliance professionals within highly regulated and complex organisations. Our design ethos is to provide value via 5 key goals:
    1.Reduce Risk – Workbench is designed to ensure that people are aware of policies and competent in the execution of their procedures and work instructions. Our incident management tools and graphical analysis of data helps compliance professionals deal with incidents as quickly as possible and implement change and improvement initiatives to reduce the likelihood of them occurring in the first place.
    2.Reduce Costs – Reductions in time spent analysing data, printing documents, training and the time taken to implement positive change lead to significant savings across an organisation. Many of our customers tell us they have seen over 70% reductions in the time spent administering a management system
    3.Increase Quality – Using graphical analysis tools and clear communication of expectations and specifications increases the awareness of quality requirements. Training needs are easily assessed to help you ensure your staff resource is available and competent when needed.
    4.Increase Accountability and Responsibility – Workbench allows management systems professionals to push the ownership of process to the process expert. This leads to a system which encourages the documenting of best practice and ensures best practice is implemented.
    5.Increase Perception and Revenue – Excellent quality product, consistency of service, best in class quality and safety systems and lower risk to the customer have been proven to increase perception of the business and increase revenues, providing a competitive edge. Workbench helps compliance and quality professionals implement their values and aims to provide a top quality product and service.
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