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Maptitude has over 20,000 users, including 70% of Fortune 50 companies, demonstrating its widespread applicability & utility. The Best Mapping Software to:
o Optimize sales territories, vehicle routes, & site locations
o Visualize, analyze, & present mission-critical data
o Maximize profits, time, & resources
Make better location decisions with your business data & foster a culture of spatial awareness that improves customer & facility insights using this award-winning product of choice.

Maptitude is committed to helping companies like Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, Xerox, and Wayfair leverage a geographic Information system (GIS) so they can thrive in this new era of location awareness. That doesn’t mean replicating existing workflows - it means fundamentally reshaping how data gets analyzed and shared.

While legacy GIS software and open-source providers may offer complex and/or costly solutions, whether in ongoing costs or in fees to acquire critical data and services, those products often lead to siloed information access controlled by those requiring training to even use such applications. Seamless map integration and collaboration may then prove unattainable, and the burden on IT administrators can increase exponentially. Enter Maptitude.

Maptitude has become a critical tool for companies like Paccar, Ameriprise, and PPG Industries for analyzing business data. Maptitude is used to perform tasks such as plotting existing and potential sales volumes, locating new stores, optimizing existing market footprints, and quantifying local market opportunities. The Maptitude product suite has over 20,000 users, including 70% of Fortune 50 companies, demonstrating its widespread applicability and utility.

Simplified Cloud Access and Sharing
With recent enhancements to Maptitude Online, Maptitude customers can share map-based analytics with anyone in their organization, regardless of whether they’re already Maptitude customers. This allows you to publish any map or report within your account - without asking them to become paid Maptitude subscribers themselves. What’s more, unlimited users can share a map. And when it comes to the number of maps you and your team can create, you never have to worry about a cap. You can create as many or as few as you need within your storage and monthly usage limits.

Faster, More Intuitive Ways to Leverage Location Intelligence
When it comes to analyzing location-based data, effectively using a “GIS” application is a notorious challenge. Maptitude breaks down jargon and complexity, removes technical barriers, and speeds up achieving results by integrating extensive data and wizard-driven tools to get work done. From built-in and unlimited address-matching (geocoding) to visually appealing competitor maps with brand logos, Maptitude makes location analysis happen.

Who Uses Maptitude?
Today, organizations are focused on location intelligence and becoming spatially aware. Maptitude enables corporations with an easy-to-u

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