OSNexus Announces QuantaStor 6 with Seagate AP Server Integration

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QuantaStor 6, one of our largest and most comprehensive releases to date, adds numerous product improvements, the latest hardware support, and integration with Seagate AP storage server platforms.

BELLEVUE, Wash., Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- OSNexus, the leading developer of grid-scale software-defined storage solutions, today announced the recent release of QuantaStor 6.0 delivering the latest in software-defined technology and support.

QuantaStor 6.0 is now available to all new and existing customers with active software subscriptions and brings numerous performance optimizations, new features, and support for the latest server platforms from Supermicro & Seagate.

"QuantaStor 6 brings over 150 product improvements, making it one of our most comprehensive releases to date," said Steven Umbehocker, CEO of OSNexus. "Customers and VAR partners have been really pleased with the many improvements in performance, usability, and hardware coverage that version 6 brings."

Product Release Highlights

Seagate AP Server Support - QuantaStor now integrates with the full line of Seagate AP storage servers based on AMD processors (Bonneville series) including the Seagate 5U84 AP, Seagate 2U24 AP, and Seagate 2U12 AP.

Expanded Hardware Coverage - Platform upgrades QuantaStor to a 5.15 Linux kernel, bringing support for all of the latest server platforms, network and storage hardware.

Upgrade Management Improvements - QuantaStor 6 now fully automates rolling upgrades of both scale-up and scale-out cluster configurations to improve operational efficiency.

Scale-up Cluster Improvements - Adds integration with the latest version of OpenZFS 2.x which brings support for meta-data offload, ZSTD compression, granular Network Share level encryption and more.

Scale-out Cluster Improvements - Adds many improvements for multi-tenant object storage and expanded support for scale-out block storage including EC based block storage pools.

32Gb Fibre Channel Support - QuantaStor's FC target support has been expanded to include the latest generation of 32Gb FC HBAs from Qlogic and their OEM branded variants from Supermicro and other hardware vendors.

Server Scalability Optimizations - Adds major server and WUI side scalability optimizations to support extremely large Storage Grids and Storage Pools.

QuantaStor 6 is available now. To try QuantaStor for free today, visit osnexus.com/freetrial to get the platform software and license keys.

About QuantaStor

OSNexus QuantaStor enables organizations to replace traditional SAN/NAS systems with standard servers to deliver robust, reliable, and highly scalable object, file, and block storage solutions that are easy to manage. To start designing a QuantaStor solution, see our web based design apps at osnexus.com/design. Go to osnexus.com/freetrial for Trial Edition licenses or write to us at [email protected] for more information.

About OSNexus

Founded in 2010, OSNexus enables organizations to manage their storage as composable infrastructure with its QuantaStor™ industry-leading Software Defined Storage (SDS) platform. The QuantaStor platform provides scale-out file, block, and object storage on commodity hardware as an easy-to-manage storage grid solution.

QuantaStor, is deployed by Fortune 500 companies, government, and major research institutions to address a broad set of storage use cases ranging from backup, archive, cloud computing, virtualization, and high-performance applications.

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