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  • Calpont InfiniDB By Calpont.Corporation

    Calpont Corporation is a software provider of scalable, high-performance analytic databases that enable fast, deep analyses of massive data sets. Calpont InfiniDB® Enterprise is the emerging choice for demanding data warehouse, business intelligence, and analytics deployments. Known for its... Read More
  • Campaign Integration By MarketNet Services , LLC

    Getting news about your company to prospects is paramount. While marketing automation is the preferred choice for targeted and timely communication on an individual basis, campaign-based emails are well suited for announcements such as new products, awards, promotions and industry events.... Read More
  • CaseWare Monitor By CaseWare International Inc.

    Continuous Controls Monitoring Solution Read More
  • Centerprise Data Conversion By Astera Software

    Centerprise enables businesses to convert structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from a broad range of sources, including databases, applications, files, and web services without the high cost, delays, and errors associated with hand coding. Centerprise provides a single platform,... Read More
  • Centerprise Data Mapping and Transformation By Astera Software

    Centerprise data ingestion, mapping, and transformation software reduces or eliminates the need for hand coding and automates many tedious tasks, saving human resource time and resulting in fewer errors and higher quality, more reliable data. Centerprise ensures the highest, most reliable data... Read More
  • Clever for Inventory Optimization By TCLogic LLC

    Clever is a web-based solution for inventory optimization and intelligence. Designed to generate the inventory intelligence necessary to make smarter decisions about where to invest in inventory. Our solutions are delivering business results that reduce inventory, achieve targeted service levels... Read More
  • Cloudera Enterprise By Cloudera Inc

    Cloudera Enterprise is the first product specifically designed to improve the manageability of Hadoop deployments. Built on Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop, it delivers affordable, scalable storage with powerful, flexible processing. It is packaged with the management and monitoring... Read More
  • Cloudera's Distribution for Hadoop By Cloudera Inc

    Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (CDH) sets a new standard for Hadoop-based data management platforms. It is the most comprehensive platform available today and significantly accelerates deployment of Hadoop in your organization. CDH is based on the most recent stable version of Apache Hadoop.... Read More
  • Collaboration Intellegince Suite 5.0 By Salient Management Company

    A new standard for user-driven investigation, discovery and communication across the entire organization and beyond. This system represents a major shift in emphasis from individual analysis to a truly collaborative environment, giving everyone the information they need at their fingertips and... Read More
  • Collaborative Process Development -- "Data Mining Escort" By The Modeling Agency

    Successful data mining requires a rare blend of science and art. In the 1990s, pioneering companies realized the potential advantages of employing data mining technology as early as possible. They chose to undertake this initiative in-house. Too often, these innovators would prematurely dismiss... Read More
  • Compact C.DIMCTM Data Integration & Migration Console By Compact Solutions

    This solution automates migration of ETL applications from one platform to another, for example from Teradata Bteq or PL/SQL to Ab Initio, Informatica or DataStage, etc. Compact offers comprehensive migration services to our clients to increase the speed and reduce the cost of ETL tool... Read More
  • Composite Active Cluster By Composite Software Inc.

    The Composite Active Cluster Option allows you to substantially scale your Composite deployments and maintain continuous availability of your data services. The Active Cluster Option enables you to fulfill service level agreements by easily increasing capacity on demand, simplifying scaling, and... Read More
  • Composite Application Data Services By Composite Software Inc.

    Composite Application Data Services™ simplify and accelerate virtualized access to popular enterprise applications and multi-dimensional data sources, as well as Web content. Popular Enterprise Applications For SAP, Oracle, Siebel, and applications, Composite Application... Read More
  • Composite Data Virtualization Platform By Composite Software Inc.

    The Composite Data Virtualization Platform integrates data from multiple, disparate sources - anywhere across the extended enterprise - in a unified, logically virtualized manner for on-demand consumption by a wide range of front-end business solutions. Backed by nearly a decade of pioneering... Read More
  • Composite Discovery By Composite Software Inc.

    Composite Discovery enables IT professionals to go beyond profiling to examine data, locate key entities and reveal hidden connections in their enterprise data. You can use that knowledge to quickly build rich data models for data virtualization and other information initiatives. The models... Read More
  • Composite Information Server By Composite Software Inc.

    The Composite Information Server forms the core of the Composite Data Virtualization Platform. At build time, developers use the Composite Information Server’s two, easy-to-use development environments (Studio and Designer) with automated code generators, to create high-quality, semantically... Read More
  • Composite Services By Composite Software Inc.

    Composite provides a complete range of Consulting, Education, Support, and Data Virtualization Competency Center services as well as partners to help you realize the value of Composite data virtualization software investments. Staffed by Composite experts, these professionals help you learn... Read More
  • Comprehensive Data Mining Project Assessment By The Modeling Agency

    Successful data mining (also referred to as predictive modeling and business analytics) requires a purposeful blend of strategy and tactics. In the 1990s, pioneering companies realized the potential advantages of employing data mining technology as early as possible. They chose to undertake this... Read More
  • CONNX By CONNX Solutions Inc.

    CONNX unlocks a company's relational and legacy non-relational data and makes it accessible to web-enabled front ends and critical applications at a fraction of the time and cost to conventional in-house development. Read More
  • Consultancy By Compact Solutions

    As a specialised data company Compact Solutions offers various consultancy services, both as project advice and as delivery. Why Compact? Superior Speed to Value: rapid solution development & deployment Field proven method — down to a science Exceptional skills Knowledge transfer Blended... Read More
  • Consulting By Accenture

    Accenture Management Consulting helps businesses achieve high performance. Drawing on our groundbreaking research and hands-on experience with high-performance businesses, Accenture delivers insights and puts them into action. Read More
  • Consulting Services By Relational Solutions Inc

    Specialists in data warehousing and business intelligence. Relational Solutions has built some of the largest scale data warehouses in the country. Our experience includes all aspects of the DW and BI process including project management, business analysis, data modeling, ETL, ELT, ETLT, data... Read More
  • Content Platform Services, Document Imaging, Document Management and Data Capture Solutions By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    Content Platform Services, Managed Capture as a Service, Case Management, Workflow, Document imaging, document management and data capture solutions from Integrated Document Technologies (IDT) include: CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE for easily and efficiently capturing documents for organizations of any... Read More
  • Contour BI By Contour Components

    Contour BI is an easy-to-use platform for interactive reporting, data analysis and report distribution. The Contour BI platform provides access to all corporate data sources, builds interactive reports with zero programming and publishes interactive reports to your local network and the web.... Read More
  • Contour BI Portal By Contour Components

    Contour BI Portal is a web application for publishing interactive reports. Contour BI Portal shows report catalogs and reports containing interactive tables, charts and multi-layer maps in a web browser with no additional client software. It provides adaptive GUI for desktops, smartphones, and... Read More
  • Contour Publisher By Contour Components

    Contour Publisher is a script-based console tool that automates report updating and delivering. It automatically queries relational databases, creates or updates OLAP reports as Contour microcube, MS Excel, MS Word or HTML files, and delivers reports to users. Read More
  • Contour Reporter By Contour Components

    Contour Reporter is business intelligence tool for data access, interactive reporting, and data analysis. With it, managers and specialists quickly receive business intelligence reports to improve corporate management: sales reports, customer lists, stocks, marketing, budget, accounting, and... Read More
  • Conversion Manager By SeeWhy

    SeeWhy's Conversion Manager Recovers Lost Sales 71% of website visitors abandon their shopping carts. At that rate, an eCommerce company with $20m in annual sales can expect to lose $46m in potential sales. Imagine what being able to recover just 20% of those would do for business. SeeWhy’s... Read More
  • Corda CenterView By CORDA Technologies Inc

    Corda delivers enterprise dashboard and data visualization solutions that provide a strong ROI for many of the world’s largest organizations, by transforming complex data into intuitive dashboards that enable better, faster decisions. The company’s flagship product, Corda CenterView, rapidly... Read More
  • Corporater Business Management Platform By Corporater Inc

    Corporater provides a configurable business management platform that supports planning, strategy management, analytics, budgeting, dashboarding, scorecarding, KPI management, web and document reporting, portfolio management, governance, risk, and compliance requirements. Create your own business... Read More
  • CoSign Digital Signatures By DocuSign

    CoSign® standard digital signatures enable organizations to securely and compliantly automate their signature-dependent processes. CoSign can be used to easily add a digital signature to any major document type including Word, Excel®, PDF, PDF/A, InfoPath®, and others. CoSign signatures provide... Read More
  • CRM Lite By MarketNet Services , LLC

    incommand integrates with most popularCRM packages available today. But what if your dealers don’t have or use CRM software? Don’t worry. incommand has a web-based CRM Lite feature which lets dealers see and manage leads quickly and easily. The platform also offers a number of features to track... Read More
  • Cryptacomm By Knovos

    Cryptacomm is a highly secure solution for confidential transactions that facilitates easy communication among relevant parties, enabling users to internally discuss, share, edit, assign, and track progress on documents and tasks related to due diligence, contract negotiations, mergers and... Read More
  • Cyber Crime By Centrifuge Systems, Inc.

    Cyber Crime is a present and rising concern including computer hacks, corporate IP theft and network security data breaches. Cyber investigations pose enormous challenges including large data volumes, identifying risks across computing environments and tracing IP addresses to named suspects.... Read More