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  • Dashboard Software By RudraSoft

    InfoCaptor is a complete reporting and dashboard solution. Create Dashboards on Desktop and Deploy and share them on your intranet or webserver No coding knowledge required. Complete Visual Dashboard Development Supports Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Access, Excel, Sybase and all other... Read More
  • Dashboard Wireframes - MockupTiger By RudraSoft

    MockupTiger helps you build wireframes, mockups and prototypes. It is very unique web based Rapid prototyping application and offers the best widgets to build Dashboard Wireframes or website Mockups. Provides scalable library of vector Icons, powerful Text widgets, containers and boxes and... Read More
  • Data Conversion Services By Infosolve Technologies Inc.

    At Infosolve Technologies, we offer data conversion solutions that make the process of conversions fast, efficient and cost effective. Our experts can manage the entire conversion process and perform additional services, including data cleaning and standardization as needed. Best of all, our... Read More
  • Data Enrichment Services By Satori Software Inc.

    Take your contact data quality beyond address correction with Satori Software list enhancement and suppression services. Better data quality helps you achieve the best results from your mailings and marketing campaigns. Now you can supplement your CRM database with additional consumer or... Read More
  • Data Explorer Suite: For use with QuickBooks By Cubularity

    Provides flexible and powerful Business Intelligence reporting and analysis for QuickBooks while priced for the smaller business. Provides Management Accounting for QuickBooks with the goal of running the business more profitably through more efficient and effective decision making. Provides... Read More
  • Data Integration By Infosolve Technologies Inc.

    Infosolve Technologies' innovative data integration solutions can take the worry out of finding a cost effective and efficient data integration solution. At Infosolve Technologies, our expertise in data integration solutions spans multiple industries and clients of all sizes. We can provide... Read More
  • Data Integration Solutions By Liaison Technologies

    Your business is changing. Whether it’s growing, re-inventing, merging or acquiring, one thing is certain: data integration has never been more complex than it is today. At Liaison, we make the integration and exchange of critical business information easy. While other vendors and consultants... Read More
  • Data Management Solutions By Liaison Technologies

    Never before has data been more valuable or expansive than it is today. From internal corporate data to mobile data shared between suppliers, partners and customers, the sheer volume of business, customer and personal information circling your enterprise can be overwhelming. How well you manage... Read More
  • Data Manager By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Control storage usage growth, without growing your IT staff. - Achieve an optimal balance between application performance, data access speeds and storage cost containment. - Quickly and easily create current, realistic test databases. Data Manager is an advanced data archiving tool... Read More
  • Data Mining Solutions By Infosolve Technologies Inc.

    Do you wish you had a crystal ball that would tell you why your customers made a decision and what their next decision will be? You do…it's locked in your company’s data today! At Infosolve Technologies, we can provide you the key to access that crystal ball with our comprehensive Data Mining... Read More
  • Data Protection Services By GRM Document Management

    GRM’s extensive portfolio of integrated data protection and offsite backup services archives and protects the critical information that is the life blood of every business. From high security vaults to 24/7 disaster recovery support, we are dedicated to the preservation of your sensitive... Read More
  • Data Quality Consultancy By Spectrum Business Support Ltd.

    When data is captured for operational / legacy systems from input forms, quite often it is not in a usable format for any off-line usage and analysis. This is largely due to inadequate care taken in designing the manual forms and the actual data entry quality. Since these errors hardly affect... Read More
  • Data Quality Tools By Melissa

    Integrate data quality tools into your enterprise-critical initiatives to ensure success Our developer tools, available as multiplatform APIs, Web services, and enterprise platforms will provide you with address validation and verification as well as data quality results you can measure,... Read More
  • Data Science & Analytics By Inquidia

    OpenBI supports your data science and analytics initiative by bringing resources to make your data science vision a reality. We take our intimate knowledge of data management and mix in the statistical skills you need. OpenBI approaches data science in a unique, pragamatic way. Taking our BI... Read More
  • Data Security Solutions By Liaison Technologies

    You share your data with many – customers, partners and suppliers just to name a few. While this makes your business more productive, it also makes security and compliance increasingly complicated. That’s why thousands of companies across the globe turn to Liaison to protect sensitive business... Read More
  • Data Solutions By Acxiom

    Data solutions from Acxiom include: data integration, data enhancement, renting & licensing data solutions, and more. Contact the company to learn more. Read More
  • Data Storage Servers and Appliances By Winchester Systems

    EcoServer, FlashNAS and v-IP SAN Storage Servers and Appliances add valuable storage services and functionality to FlashDisk and EcoRAID disk arrays. EcoServer is a high performance, quad-core Intel Xeon server companion product to FlashDisk and EcoRAID for those who want to have a single... Read More
  • Data Stream Manager By

    The Data Stream Manager is an end to end solution for data management Read More
  • Data Transformation Solutions By Liaison Technologies

    The way to data integration is paved with roadblocks. If your company is like most, your biggest hurdle is making sure your information systems, applications and processes can easily share information. Liaison’s data transformation solutions accomplish just that. Our data modeling, mapping and... Read More
  • Data Visualization Software By Longview Solutions

    Optix within Longview 7 provides an effective mechanism, utilizing graphics and KPIs, for Longview users to visualize and analyze their Longview data. Organizations can comprehensively manage performance using Optix, leveraging all enterprise data and reaching all individuals across the... Read More
  • Data Warehouse Design and Development Services By The Construction Specifications Institute

    CSI data warehousing and business intelligence solutions enable our clients to better leverage existing or new technologies to effectively access and understand their corporate information while elevating the level of information quality, reducing implementation timeframes, and delivering more... Read More
  • Database Managed Services and Consulting By Pythian

    At Pythian, we have one of the world’s largest concentrations of dedicated and varied DBA expertise. No matter where your business-critical data is housed—Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, Neteeza, Vertica— Pythian can help. Our elite teams of database architects,... Read More
  • DataDefractor By Interactive Edge

    DataDefractor™ is a visual data mapping and processing tool designed to automate the transformation of complex Excel and CSV spreadsheets into structured data delivered in a form suitable for loading into any data visualization application, data warehouse, OLAP cube or any Business Intelligence... Read More
  • DataFuse By V12 Data

    Corporate business initiatives are dependent on highly cleansed, accurate data. Information is one of an enterprise's most valued assets. DataMentors' award-winning data quality solution, DataFuse, ensures that information remains accurate and current to effectively drive all business... Read More
  • Datamartist By nModal Solutions Inc

    Datamartist is a flexible, visual, data profiling and data transformation tool. It can read data from data sources (such as files, or relational databases), do data transformations using a simple, visual user interface, and then can write the results into files or databases. Data profiling is a... Read More
  • Datameer Analytics Solution (DAS) By Datameer

    Designed for business users, Datameer Analytics Solution (DAS) builds on the power and scalability of Hadoop to deliver an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for big data analytics. The DAS end-to-end solution includes data source integration, storage, an analytics engine and... Read More
  • DataPoint By V12 Data

    In response to numerous inquiries for a scaled-down version of DataMentors’ highly respected products, we proudly introduce DataPoint. Now, for the first time, your business can have access to the same tools as the Fortune 1000 companies! If your company has between 5,000 and 100,000... Read More
  • DataSelf Analytics for Acumatica By DataSelf Corp.

    DataSelf Analytics for Acumatica is a robust data warehousing and analytics solution. By offering cloud, hybrid and on-premise deployment options, the choice is truly based upon our customer’s needs. DataSelf Analytics for Acumatica is a flexible, easily-deployed, and affordable cloud-based... Read More
  • DataSelf Analytics for MS Dynamics By DataSelf Corp.

    Though MS Dynamics excels at ERP and CRM, you may feel that its built-in reporting leaves many of your questions unanswered. You know there's more to be revealed. DataSelf BI fulfills MS Dynamics potential by adding extensive reporting agility and depth, exactly what you need to turn your data... Read More
  • DataSelf Analytics for Sage 100 (MAS 90, MAS 200) By DataSelf Corp.

    Though Sage 100 ERP excels at ERP, you may feel that its built-in reporting leaves many of your questions unanswered. You know there's more to be revealed. DataSelf BI fulfills Sage 100 ERP's potential by adding extensive reporting agility and depth, exactly what you need to turn your data into... Read More
  • DataSelf Analytics for Sage 300 (Accpac) By DataSelf Corp.

    Though Sage 300 ERP excels at ERP, you may feel that its built-in reporting leaves many of your questions unanswered. You know there's more to be revealed. DataSelf BI fulfills Sage 300 ERP's potential by adding extensive reporting agility and depth, exactly what you need to turn your data into... Read More
  • DataSelf Analytics for Sage 500 By DataSelf Corp.

    You know that Sage 500 (MAS 500) excels at ERP (enterprise resource planning), yet you may feel that its built-in reporting doesn’t provide the visibility into your business you need. You do need Sage 500 BI! DataSelf Analytics fulfills that potential by adding extensive reporting agility and... Read More
  • DataSelf Analytics for Sage CRM By DataSelf Corp.

    ou know that Sage CRM (Accpac CRM) excels at CRM, yet you may feel that its built-in reporting doesn’t provide the visibility into your business you need. You do need Sage CRM BI! DataSelf Analytics fulfills that potential by adding extensive reporting agility and depth, simplifying and... Read More
  • DataSelf Analytics for Sage X3 By DataSelf Corp.

    Though Sage X3 excels at ERP, you may feel that its built-in reporting leaves many of your questions unanswered. You know there's more to be revealed. DataSelf BI fulfills Sage X3 potential by adding extensive reporting agility and depth, exactly what you need to turn your data into knowledge. Read More
  • DataSelf Analytics for Salesforce By DataSelf Corp.

    You know that Salesforce excels at customer relationship management (CRM), yet you may feel that its built-in reporting doesn’t provide the visibility you need. A flexible and robust BI solution for Salesforce is missing! DataSelf Analytics fulfills that role by adding extensive reporting... Read More
  • DataSelf Analytics Tips – Calculated Measures Webinar By DataSelf Corp.

    DataSelf has been helping small- and medium-sized businesses make the most of their data for more than 16 years. Our product is DataSelf Analytics. It’s an enterprise-level BI and analytics platform designed. DataSelf provides best-of-breed and easy-to-use analytics and business intelligence... Read More
  • Datashop By Acinta Intelligence Technology

    Acinta Datashop provides a business intelligence system based on a logical/semantal layer allowing complex models to be built that retrieve data directly from the data sources to the dashboards and reports. This approach is ideal for smaller organizations and offers very short implementation... Read More
  • Datiris Profiler By Datiris

    Datiris Profiler is a powerful tool with thoughtful, well-designed features. It captures an extensive set of metrics to give you a clear view of your data from every perspective. Supports a wide range of data sources. You can profile Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, Excel spreadsheets, text... Read More
  • DB Lytix and FIN Lytix By Fuzzy Logix

    DB Lytix is the world's most complete library of in-database analytics and is available on for many database platforms. The DB Lytix library includes mathematical, statistical, data mining, and simulation functions. FIN Lytix is a library of financial functions for equities, fixed income,... Read More
  • Deduplix™ - Intelligently Identifies Unique Relationships By Spectrum Business Support Ltd.

    DeDuplix: Data De-duplication (Identifying unique relationships and Unique house-holds) DeDuplix™ is a product for automating the process of identifying similar or near similar records of individuals and house-holds. DeDuplix™ helps identify the complete list of truly unique customer... Read More
  • Deployed Models -- "Predictive Analytical CRM Model Menu" By The Modeling Agency

    Who is most likely to subscribe or respond? Response modeling drives efficient and effective campaign performance while revealing the factors that influence customers to respond. Response models identify individuals most likely to exhibit certain behaviors based on past purchases, demographics,... Read More
  • Deployment Accelerator for Oracle Exadata By Teleran Technologies Inc.

    Deployment Accelerator for Exadata - Reduce Cost, Risk and Time to Deploy Exadata The task of migrating and consolidating applications and data to Exadata is resource intensive and includes many manual steps that increase project cost, effort and time. Risks to this process include not fully... Read More
  • Diamond Publisher By Insuresoft

    Diamond Publisher is a stand-alone print engine and forms design module that is fully integrated into the Diamond Suite. Publisher’s tool based solution offers quick speed to market changes by leveraging Microsoft’s user friendly Word application. Publisher extends real-time forms rendering in... Read More
  • Digital Archiving By Iron Mountain

    Iron Mountain’s full complement of digital archiving, email archiving and image archiving services includes solutions for email management and inactive file storage that greatly improve your control and management abilities while allowing you to avoid tying up capital. You also get the benefit... Read More
  • Digital Records Management By GRM Document Management

    Whether your goal is to go paperless or convert just a portion of your documents, transitioning from paper to a Digital Document Management program is a complex process. GRM has converted, hosted and managed literally millions of documents. We can support your migration and manage the entire... Read More
  • Director By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Vision Director is mission control for your IBM i server. Part flight tracker, part autopilot, part caretaker and part mission specialist, Vision Director is a highly integrated set of applications that proactively monitors, manages and optimizes IBM i servers, databases and application... Read More
  • DITA Content Management Solution By IXIASOFT, Inc.

    The DITA CMS is a content management solution designed specifically to manage the entire DITA technical document generation process. IXIASOFT is a strong advocate of the DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) standard, an XML-based topic-oriented architecture for authoring, producing and... Read More
  • Document Comparison Software By EffectiveSoft

    Document Comparator a powerful tool for complicated knowledge/document management systems, it is intended for the retrieval of a flow of documents which are similar in meaning. Read More
  • Document Generation By Windward

    Document generation is vital to your product or business – and Windward makes it fast and easy. Our unique solution is the only document generation software that lets you design, edit and generate documents completely in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Read More
  • Document Management & Records Retrieval By EDCO Group, Inc.

    EDCO Group's document management solutions include document storage and retrieval. When storing documents with EDCO, clients can: -Access records 24 hours per day, seven days per week -Requested records are delivered electronically -No removal fees for permanently removing boxes Physical... Read More
  • Document Management Services and Solutions By Digital Documents, LLC

    The document management services and solutions from Digital Documents are designed to free information trapped on the printed page and transform it into usable content. Document management services include: document imaging services; platform independent file search & retrieval; scan documents... Read More
  • Document Management Software By FileHold Systems Inc.

    FileHold document management software delivers essential document, record and workflow management capabilities, including: Document & records management for both short- and long-term working and archived documents, and advanced record retention and disposition policies for both electronic and... Read More
  • Document Management/ECM Services By DocVentive

    DocVentive offers a broad range of document management/enterprise content management (ECM) services, including: Documaker; Documaker Desktop (PPS); Documaker Interactive; Documerge Conversion; Calligo/IStream Upgrade; Calligo/IStream Conversion; Archive/Migration Services; Form Services;... Read More
  • Document Scanning By Digital Documents, LLC

    Digital Documents, LLC is the leading document scanning, conversion and indexing services company. We provide Best Practice Outsourcing Services for Document Scanning, empowering your organizational processes by converting documents into digital assets. Our services facilitate instant and secure... Read More
  • Document Storage Solutions By GRM Document Management

    GRM Document Management is at the forefront of the Information and Records Management industry. We are famous for our end-to-end storage and cutting-edge Information Management Solutions, but it’s our brick-and-mortar services that function as the foundation for our business. GRM safely stores... Read More
  • Dodeca By Applied OLAP Inc.

    Dodeca is software that supports interactive analysis, planning, and reporting activities by business users and decision makers at all levels within an organization. Users have the power to find and analyze the right information with confidence. • Easy to use - Dodeca is so easy that occasional... Read More
  • Double-Take By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    For businesses that need proven protection and high availability for Windows data and applications, Vision Solutions offers the complete family of Double-Take solutions. Double-Take provides the world's most relied upon solutions for affordable, easy and effective data protection and high... Read More
  • Dundas Dashboard By Dundas Data Visualization Inc

    Dundas Dashboard is a flexible, turnkey, web-based solution for the rapid development of business dashboards. With highlights like wizard-driven interfaces, rich visualizations and Dundas's unique DashFlow collaborative process, Dundas Dashboard is fast to deploy, easy to use and fully... Read More