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  • icCube Business Intelligence Suite By icCube

    Our OLAP server, tools, and products, are designed specifically to increase both your Business Intelligence accuracy and your productivity. We understand your need for flexibility and ease of integration, so our products meet all widely accepted standards. This, in turn, allows you to meet your... Read More
  • iDashboards Cloud (SaaS) By iDashboards

    Excel is an excellent program to organize information into a spreadsheet, but leaves data difficult to distribute and analyze. iDashboards transforms your data into visually rich charts and graphs, providing at-a-glance insight, to any number of users with ease. iDashboards Cloud is a hosted... Read More
  • iDashboards Enterprise Suite By iDashboards

    iDashboards Enterprise Suite is business intelligence dashboards done the right way. With implementations in days rather than months and an intuitive interface that lets users build their own custom dashboards. This is a solution for those who will not settle for anything less than innovative... Read More
  • Idiom Decision Manager By Idiom Ltd

    IDIOM Decision Manager is the original decision automation tool. It provides an intuitive graphical interface to build and test models of business decision making [decision models], including specification of the underlying business rules. The decision models can be defined by subject matter... Read More
  • IFRS Software By Longview Solutions

    Longview has launched a series of initiatives to help companies grappling with IFRS adoption. View the latest IFRS press release or visit the resources available below. IFRS Readiness Assessment The Longview IFRS Readiness Assessment is now available, free of charge and can be done at any time... Read More
  • IGetMail By Lockstep Systems, Inc.

    When you have a Microsoft Exchange Server AND you are using an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to host your company’s Internet domain or website, you will experience an email routing problem. Your employees’ incoming email messages are sent to the ISP’s email servers. Microsoft Exchange Server... Read More
  • iGuard Query Management By Teleran Technologies Inc.

    iGuard – Automatically Managing Business Users and Queries in Real-Time Automatic problem prevention is critical to sustaining the performance, compliance, cost control and user satisfaction you need to deliver. No matter how much planning and support goes into BI, data warehouses and other... Read More
  • Infogix ACR By Infogix

    Automated Information Controls Software Solution for the Mainframe and Host-Based Environments The Infogix ACR product family is Infogix's Automated Information Controls platform of choice for mainframe and host-based computing environments. Within this product family, we offer balancing,... Read More
  • Infogix Assure By Infogix

    The Infogix Assure® solution is a next generation control product offering a robust set of automated information controls to help you detect and eliminate information errors. This product: Verifies, balances, reconciles and tracks your critical business information Control information... Read More
  • Infogix ER By Infogix

    When millions of transactions flow throughout your organization, you need a powerful, automated solution, one that is flexible and adaptable to your business needs so you can reconcile information on a daily or weekly basis, streamline close at month-end, and sustain ongoing regulatory reporting... Read More
  • Infogix Insight By Infogix

    As an information-intensive business you have a growing portfolio of automated controls to assure accurate, consistent, and reliable business processes and information. More controls are added and changed to remain synchronized with changing business needs and newly promulgated regulation.... Read More
  • InfoLibrarian Metadata Management Software By InfoLibrarian Corporation

    InfoLibrarian™ catalogs, and manages metadata to deliver search and impact analysis. A major integration challenge faced by companies when on boarding and managing their data centers around managing data dictionaries, data mappings, semantics and business definitions of their data. This is... Read More
  • Information Management Assessment and Strategy Services By The Construction Specifications Institute

    Many business intelligence programs have delivered a solid initial rollout, but program managers still find themselves challenged in getting beyond those first targets. Often the methods which ushered in the early ROI are too free-flowing and unmanageable when users are counting on the warehouse... Read More
  • Information/Knowledge Management and Retrieval Software By Cuadra Associates Inc.

    Cuadra provides a flexible and comprehensive suite of knowledge management solutions for archives, museum and photographic collections, competitive and market intelligence, library automation, publishing, records and document management, and vocabulary control. All of them are based on the same... Read More
  • InfoZoom By InfoZoom - SoftLake Solutions

    InfoZoom software is a data analysis and data visualization software product created using in-memory analytics and MP3 compression technology. The software has over 36,000 licensed users and over 800 customers worldwide. Read More
  • Infrastructure Solutions By Specialized Technical Services (STS)

    Developing a solid IT infrastructure has become one of the key success factors for almost any business. Partnering with the world’s best vendors, STS provides its corporate and government customers with end-to-end solutions for their platforms and infrastructure requirements. Beginning with data... Read More
  • INfuse - IoT Smart Connected Scanning By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    Announcing IoT Smart Connected Scanning powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE. In just under 5 minutes, you can deploy a full-featured data and document solution that captures all your various types of documents and pushes them into your business processes through the convenience of a button-driven... Read More
  • Insight Earnings By Insight Decision Solutions Inc.

    Bring Business Intelligence flexibility to your earnings analysis. Integrates reported and policy level earnings. Embeds source of earnings directly into core financial analysis. Load projections and forecasts for performance management. Read More
  • Insight Enterprise By Insight Decision Solutions Inc.

    Integrates your operational, valuation and financial data into pre-built data warehouse for experience studies, source of earnings and sales & marketing analysis, including report building, data management and audit tools. The Insight Enterprise accommodates all lines of business, including... Read More
  • Insight Experience for DI and Long Term Care By Insight Decision Solutions Inc.

    Bring Business Intelligence flexibility to your incidence, termination and multi-state transition studies. Allows multiple claims. Use built in statistical metrics. Read More
  • Insight Experience For Group and Health By Insight Decision Solutions Inc.

    Bring Business Intelligence flexibility to your loss ratio and claim cost studies. Calculate IBNR for dynamics triangle sizes and historic dates. Read More
  • Insight Experience for Life and Annuities By Insight Decision Solutions Inc.

    Bring Business Intelligence flexibility to your mortality, lapse and critical illness studies. Includes joint lives, improvements, ratings and more. Use built in statistical metrics. Read More
  • Insight Load Controller By Insight Decision Solutions Inc.

    This front end tool assists users to run and configure the various load routines for the Insight Enterprise. It streamlines configuration, validation and execution. Read More
  • Instant Warehouse By Arbutus Software

    Getting user participation and involvement is one of the key factors in a successful data warehouse project. Instant Warehouse is a prototyping tool that provides you with powerful ways to visualize and analyze your data, while involving end-users at the earliest stages. Users are involved... Read More
  • Insurance Analytics (IA+) By GrayMatter Software Services

    Insurance Analytics (IA+) is a comprehensive analytics solution especially developed for the Senior Management of Insurance Companies who are responsible for top line growth as well as bottom line productivity with operational efficiency. Insurance Analytics (IA+) covers the complete spectrum... Read More
  • Integrations By MarketNet Services , LLC

    Like most companies, you probably have more than one tool to cultivate leads and care for customers. You may have an email marketing app, social media tools, and more. incommand is designed to integrate with many of the sales programs available on the market today. Add incommand to the tools... Read More
  • Intellexer Categorizer By EffectiveSoft

    This is desktop software for document categorization, data management and text analysis. Categorizer automatically classifies documents and assigns to user categories based on the easy training stage. Read More
  • Intellexer Spellchecker SDK By EffectiveSoft

    Intellexer Spellchecker SDK provides spell check capabilities for your Windows project. The library contains a common DLL interface and interfaces for C++ and .NET with corresponding documentation and examples (C++, C#, Delphi). Read More
  • Intellexer Summarizer By EffectiveSoft

    Intellexer Summarizer is a desktop tool for data management and document summarization. Read More
  • IoT Smart Connected Scanning for Salesforce CRM By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    Learn how we have eliminated all the layers and layers of IT complexity and IT gibberish talk we refer to as the "IT Tower of Babel". Using IoT Smart Connected Scanning powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, you can have a complete data and document capture solution deployed in 5 minutes or less for... Read More
  • IoT Smart Connected Scanning powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE By Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)

    3.5 Minute Video Explainer here: Powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE, the IoT Smart Connected Scanning Solution offers network-connected capture that sits at the front edge of an organization's process and integrates directly into a line of business system,... Read More
  • IRI CoSort (Data Manipulation) By IRI, The CoSort Company

    CoSort is a big data staging and transformation package, and is used in many of the world's largest data warehouses to perform, combine, and accelerate ETL operations alone or alongside legacy ETL tools. You can also use CoSort to: • Replace slower 3GL, Perl and SQL jobs • Feed, speed, or... Read More
  • IRI DarkShield (Protect Dark Data) By IRI, The CoSort Company

    Discover, Deliver & Delete PII: Find sensitive data in unstructured sources using multiple search techniques. Use the search results to simultaneously or separately provide, remove, or fix the PII to comply with GDPR data portability, erasure, or rectification provisions. Got Dark Data? Up to... Read More
  • IRI FACT (Fast Extract) By IRI, The CoSort Company

    IRI FACT (FAst extraCT) is a high performance database unload utility for Oracle, DB2 UDB, SQL Server, Sybase ASE and IQ, MySQL, Altibase, Greenplum, Teradata, and Tibero. FACT unloads large tables in parallel to flat files (or pipes). FACT uses SQL SELECT syntax for convenience, and native... Read More
  • IRI FieldShield (Data Masking) By IRI, The CoSort Company

    FieldShield is data-centric protection software for securing data at risk and preventing data loss in very targeted, efficient, and compliant ways. FieldShield protects personally identifiable information (PII) at the column level in databases and files with user-specified functions: •... Read More
  • IRI NextForm (Data & Database Migration) By IRI, The CoSort Company

    IRI NextForm is a powerful data migration and data replication tool that: • Converts and replicates data in any database • Changes file formats between XML, text, LDIF, CSV, Vision, ISAM, etc. • Translates data types like EBCDIC, ASCII, packed, numeric, etc. • Re-maps field positions, sizes,... Read More
  • IRI RowGen (Test Data) By IRI, The CoSort Company

    RowGen rapidly generates safe, referentially correct file and database test data for enterprise data warehouses. RowGen can both randomly generate fake, but realistic test data, and randomly select from real data to anonymize PII. RowGen parses the data models of one or more tables and... Read More
  • IRI Voracity (Data Management) By IRI, The CoSort Company

    IRI Voracity is a robust, high-performance data management platform combining multiple IRI products and ergonomic wizards to perform and speed data discovery, integration, migration, governance, and analytics. Powered by IRI CoSort or Hadoop engines, and built on the Eclipse IDE for familiarity... Read More
  • iSCORE By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    A FREE utility for analyzing the overall health of your System i and IBM i environments. This no license, web-downloadable (8MB) software utility for IBM i (i5/OS) environments thoroughly analyzes health metrics, then generates an easy to understand, brief report that shows an overall health... Read More
  • iSight BI/Data Warehouse Usage Monitor By Teleran Technologies Inc.

    iSight – Comprehensive, Actionable Metrics to Manage Your BI and Data Warehouse Environments iSight empowers information, application and data warehouse management and staff to gain visibility on how all users and applications are interacting with the data. The goal: to quickly pinpoint... Read More
  • Ispirer MnMTK By Ispirer Systems, LLC

    Ispirer Migration and Modernization Toolkit(Ispirer MnMTK), formerly known as Ispirer SQLWays, is designed for automated migration between major programming languages and databases. It oversees the entire conversion process and provides a high level of automation at all stages of migration. The... Read More
  • IT Infrastructure Solutions By Rittal Corporation

    Rittal's IT/data center infrastructure products include network server enclosures (wallmount or freestanding), server racks, UPSs, cooling systems, power distribution units, KVM consoles, cable management solutions, and system monitoring and security units. Its range of IT solutions can be... Read More
  • iTera High Availability By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Increase supplier, employee and customer satisfaction by protecting system availability. - Ensure compliance with data protection and business continuity regulations. - Protect your systems, your data and your budget. iTERA HA for i5/OS is a highly autonomic, full-featured high... Read More