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  • Java Reporting Engine By Windward

    Windward’s Java reporting solution is composed of two distinct parts: the Java Reporting Engine and the Java Report Design Tool (AutoTag). Together, they deliver fast, powerful and flexible reporting and document generation. Read More
  • JDashboard By Jinfonet Software

    JDashboard offers quick and easy dashboard design via an intuitive Component Library that enables users to put together their own dashboard by drag-and-drop as well as moving and resizing dashboard components from one convenient location. The Component Library contains many options for tables... Read More
  • JReport Designer By Jinfonet Software

    Report Designer's feature-rich interface provides the functionality to design sophisticated reports. Developers are able to use intuitive Wizards to guide them through selecting data sources, creating queries, and designing layouts. Designer enables precise control over every section of a report... Read More
  • JReport Server Live By Jinfonet Software

    JReport's industry leading ad hoc solution empowers users to create both simple and sophisticated reports via an intuitive Wizard. The Wizard serves as a step-by-step guide through every piece of the report building process eliminating the need for developer involvement and extensive training.... Read More