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  • KnowledgeCLOUD By Angoss Software Corporation

    KnowledgeCLOUD solutions are delivered via KnowledgeHUB, a secure, scalable cloud-based analytical platform together with supporting deployment processes and professional services that deliver predictive analytics to clients in a hosted environment. KnowledgeCLOUD solutions deliver predictive... Read More
  • KnowledgeEXCELERATOR By Angoss Software Corporation

    KnowledgeEXCELERATOR™ is a visual data discovery and prediction tool for business users who commonly use Microsoft® Excel and popular business intelligence tools to analyze and understand their business data. Ideal for business analysts who may not be familiar with data mining or predictive... Read More
  • KnowledgeSCORE By Angoss Software Corporation

    KnowledgeSCOREis a cloud-based predictive sales analytics solution for CRM that uses predictive analytics to score prospects and opportunities—and recommend next best actions—for improved sales productivity and revenue uplift. KnowledgeSCORE seamlessly integrates with, and other... Read More
  • Kognitio WX2 analytical database By Kognitio

    Kognitio is the provider of Kognitio WX2, a high performance analytical in-memory database solution that allows organizations to understand more about their business and their customers in shorter timescales. Companies around the world run Kognitio WX2 to analyze large volumes of data quickly,... Read More