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  • Management Intelligence Toolkit By Board International

    Within one single product BOARD offers all the functionalities needed to build any Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management application, without the use of any programming. Its revolutionary toolkit approach, as well as delivering unrivalled speed in BI and CPM applications... Read More
  • Management Reporting Software By Longview Solutions

    The reporting, analysis and performance measurement capabilities within Longview7 provide fast, real-time, accurate information, facilitating strategic business analysis. Longview 7 provides the ability to easily: Deliver quick access to real-time financial and non-financial information... Read More
  • Manta Checker By Manta Tools

    Manta Checker automates code reviews to help ensure that internal guidelines and best practices are observed, and - enforces compliance with relevant policies, including certain types of security restrictions and naming conventions, - uncovers problems before deployment – even to a test... Read More
  • Manta Flow By Manta Tools

    Manta Flow analyzes contents of scripts, ETL workflows, and report definitions. Manta Flow then extracts information on data flows, revealing the path of data between files, database tables, views, individual columns and report fields. Data flows detected by Manta span multiple systems, from the... Read More
  • Manta Flow Data Types By Manta Tools

    Manta Flow Data Type Tracking starts with data flows provided by Manta Flow, and analyzes the flow of particular data types throughout the environment. The resulting report identifies individual columns, along with their appropriate data types, and enables you to set optimum data types for the... Read More
  • Manta Flow Security By Manta Tools

    Manta Flow Security utilizes deep data flow analysis provided by Manta Flow, and identifies the flow of data from individual sources throughout the environment, based on confidentiality level of the source. The resulting report identifies individual data mart columns or report fields, pinpoints... Read More
  • Marketing Automation By MarketNet Services , LLC

    Ongoing behavior (in our world, this includes both online and offline activities) determines what, when and how you communicate and engage with your audience. Behaviors and activities help deliver the right content at the right time. Even the absence of behavior or engagement can be considered a... Read More
  • Marketing Automation Software By NetSuite, Inc.

    NetSuite's marketing automation software automates the entire marketing process, allowing users to better align campaigns and programs with their sales teams. NetSuite's marketing automation software enables businesses to generate highly qualified leads that are ready for sales engagement. It... Read More
  • Master Data By DATAARCH.CA

    Even companies that rely on a single ERP solution for operational systems find that managing master data involves unique challenges. It is rare that the master data required for daily operational needs is sufficient for analysis and planning. In reality, BI requires master data to be managed... Read More
  • Master Data Management Community Edition By Talend Inc.

    Talend MDM is Complete Talend MDM is the only complete Master Data Management (MDM) solution that delivers easy to deploy, rapid end-to-end functionality for integration, quality, mastering and collaboration workflow of enterprise data. Talend MDM is Flexible Unlike other MDM solutions,... Read More
  • matchIT Suite By helpIT Systems

    The matchIT suite is a modular and scalable desktop data cleansing application specifically designed to resolve many contact data quality issues. Widely considered to be one of the most effective matching engines available, matchIT's core API encapsulates multiple algorithms for detecting... Read More
  • MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP By Simba Technologies Inc.

    Connect Microsoft® Excel® to Oracle® with Simba's innovative solutions for Oracle OLAP Oracle OLAP is a world class multidimensional analytic engine embedded in Oracle Database 11g. Oracle OLAP cubes deliver sophisticated calculations using simple SQL queries – producing results with speed of... Read More
  • Meta Data and Governance By DATAARCH.CA

    A data warehouse provides value if the measures, KPIs, and hierarchies have consistent and clearly defined meaning. This is part of the meta data that must be delivered with any BI or MDM solution along with clear and meaningful documentation that allows the solution to be extended and supported... Read More
  • Meta5 By Meta5 Inc

    Harness the Power of the CAPSULE - Meta5 Business Intelligence Integrator and report generator The Meta5 Business Intelligence Integrator (BII) solution solves the problems and challenges facing many organizations with integrating ever-changing data and data sources. The number one... Read More
  • MetaCenter By Data Advantage Group, Inc.

    MetaCenter is an enterprise metadata management platform. It enables you to easily build and deliver business glossaries, data dictionaries and data lineage reports to satisfy data governance and regulatory requirements. MetaCenter’s unique patented architecture can deliver a metadata... Read More
  • MetaDex™ – Compact’s Metadata Integration Solution By Compact Solutions

    Compact’s MetaDex is a metadata integration solution for IBM InfoSphere Metadata Workbench. MetaDex quickly and cost effectively extracts metadata from major ETL (extract, transform and load ) or ELT applications and integrates it with other metadata in the InfoSphere Metadata Workbench. This... Read More
  • MetaViewer Document Management Solution By Metafile Information Systems Inc.

    The MetaViewer document management solution provides a quick and simple way to capture, manage and access data. By capturing the print stream from virtually any computing platform, MetaViewer allows organizations to effectively manage all business-critical content. It is this simple, yet... Read More
  • Metrics3D By ABS System Consultants

    Metrics3D is an innovative, award winning Performance Measurement Technology that lets non-technical users intuitively plan, monitor, evaluate and control expenditures and activities. Combining business analytics, technology, innovation, a deep understanding of BI solutions, and vertical market... Read More
  • Migrate By Arbutus Software

    Data migration is a challenging exercise, often resulting in unexpectedly high costs for acquisition, support infrastructure and sufficiently expert personnel. Arbutus Migrate uses a data-driven methodology that reduces both the costs and risks associated with the design and development of... Read More
  • Migrate While Active By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Perform most upgrade and migration work during the normal workweek - Achieve huge savings by reducing downtime from days to minutes - Reduce costs by consolidating servers using many-to-one replication/synchronization Migrate While Active™ eliminates the pain normally associated with... Read More
  • MIMIX High Availability By Vision Solutions, Inc.

    Overview - Eliminate the business costs and consequences of downtime. - Easily comply with data protection and availability regulations. - Minimize high availability administration costs and maximize data integrity. Built for the most demanding enterprises, MIMIX HA for i5/OS® protects business... Read More
  • MIRUS Intelligence By Mirus Information Technology Services Inc.

    Easy. Flexible. Powerful. MIRUS Intelligence is an on-demand data warehouse with a robust business intelligence engine that allows users to create ad hoc and production reports, alerts, and dashboards. Enterprise administration tools makes it easy to establish security setting for... Read More
  • Mobile - Report Viewer for iPad / iPhone By XLCubed Ltd.

    Take interactive reports built in XLCubed Excel Edition and publish for use on Apple mobile devices with just a few button clicks. Read More