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  • Panorama Necto By Panorama Software Ltd

    Panorama Necto is a Business Intelligence 3.0 solution that brings together the best of Data Discovery and Enterprise BI through a collaboration and unique contextual connection. Necto is the only BI solution that allows you to connect to any data source and model data using in-memory... Read More
  • Performance Management By Centrifuge Systems, Inc.

    Finance professionals need business performance management software that allows them to measure individual business units, product lines, cost centers, employees and distribution channels. This can be challenging when business performance data for the general ledger, operations, customer... Read More
  • Performance Management Data Integration Suite By Longview Solutions

    The Longview 7 Integration Suite provides an array of integration capabilities for robust data and metadata integration from multiple data sources, including validation, transformation, exception analysis, change capture and update. Why Data Integration? The Challenge Efficient, transparent,... Read More
  • Perspective By Beyond 20/20 Inc.

    Beyond 20/20 Perspective is an OLAP solution suite that leverages the power of Microsoft technologies for web based analysis and visualization of data. Perspective demonstrates true seamless integration of browser, OLAP and relational elements, and through the efforts of our data/operational... Read More
  • Pervasive Business Xchange By Pervasive Software Inc.

    Pervasive Business Xchange is a managed B2B integration service for trading partners who are trying to streamline their B2B document exchange process: •Connect with any trading partner electronically regardless of back office technology or trading format. There is no need for you to learn... Read More
  • Pervasive DataRush By Pervasive Software Inc.

    Simplify How You Process and Analyze Big Data Turn to Pervasive DataRush... If you process Big Data. If your current approach to preparing quality data doesn't scale. If you need a high throughput, cost efficient strategy to performing analytics. If you want to improve the performance of... Read More
  • Pervasive Integration By Pervasive Software Inc.

    Every enterprise, no matter the size, has information management needs: compliance requirements (SOX, HIPAA), achieving high level views of the business (BI, MDM), consolidating data segregated in application silos (mergers and acquisitions). Integration projects offer the potential to unify... Read More
  • Planning and Forecasting By DATAARCH.CA

    Delivering successful planning and forecasting systems requires an understanding of both the tools and forecasting process. Planning systems are often seen as configuring a model and building a history feed, but in reality there is typically a need for hierarchy management, conformance of... Read More
  • POSmart By Relational Solutions Inc

    POSmart is a multi-retailer, enterprise, Demand Signal Repository. It automates the cleansing and validation of POS data that you get from retailers. It integrates POS with your internal data, syndicated data and other data. Our data integration engine integrates your master data with POS. Our... Read More
  • Premium Solver Platform By Frontline Systems Inc.

    Premium Solver Platform is our most powerful upgrade for conventional optimization. It offers far more speed and power than alternatives, solving a wider range of harder problems in less time. Read More
  • Premium Solver Pro By Frontline Systems Inc.

    Premium Solver Pro is a powerful, 100% compatible Excel Solver upgrade for conventional optimization that can solve problems up to 10 times the size, 2 times to 50 times faster. Read More
  • Presynct_AFR/FBR By Presynct Technologies Inc

    Presynct Technologies, Inc., founded in 2004, provides unmatched incident reporting software solutions for law enforcement agencies. Presynct_AFR/FBR is forms-based automated field reporting (AFR). Presynct_AFR/FBR has a full database for archive, storage and retrieval. Presynct_AFR/FBR... Read More
  • Presynct_SaaS By Presynct Technologies Inc

    Presynct_SaaS is an alternative means of moving into digital incident reporting without the cost of purchasing, installing, maintaining and upgrading software in-house. With Presynct_SaaS, Presynct provides maintenance, daily technical operations, and software support for a fixed-cost-per-user... Read More
  • Professional Training By Specialized Technical Services (STS)

    Employees should have the right IT skills and knowledge to be able to run the system effectively and efficiently. The Arab Academy for Microsoft Technologies, a fully owned STS company, as well as other STS divisions empower any organizations' staff with the IT professional training and... Read More
  • Profilix™ - Divines Patterns in your data By Spectrum Business Support Ltd.

    Many times, business use hunches or intuition to make important business decisions, such as what products to sell to what customers. By using current and historical data PROFILIX™ can build predictive models that work as tools for business decisions. Profiling customers and/or prospects will... Read More
  • Profitability Analytics Software By Longview Solutions

    Longview 7 Profitability Analytics leverages your company’s data to provide powerful insight into revenues, costs, margins, and operations to help you develop profitable action plans. The Challenge Improving profitability is one of the highest priorities for business managers. However the... Read More
  • Public Training -- "Data Mining: Levels I, II & III" By The Modeling Agency

    Determine whether TMA’s training is right for you and see why TMA is the most experienced and respected provider of vendor-neutral predictive modeling and data analytics training in this overview. Or, proceed directly to the detailed descriptions of each course as linked in the training schedule... Read More