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  • XBRL Analytics Appliance By SQL Power Group Inc.

    Pre-Engineered XBRL Analytics Appliance: The power of Data Modelling and Business Intelligence meets the nuance complexities of Prudential Regulation SQL Power XBRL Analytics is a fully optimized analytics appliance for financial analysis, data mining and report distribution. It comes pre-built... Read More
  • XBRL Power Suite: Financial Supervision Data Collection & Analytics By SQL Power Group Inc.

    XBRL Power Suite: Maximum Compliance, Maximum Adoption SQL Power's Regulatory platform provides the optimal medium for collecting, managing, mining and reporting against standardized electronic content worldwide. XBRL Power Suite is an eSignature-ready Supervision Management Framework that's... Read More
  • XBRL Reporting and Disclosure Management Software By Longview Solutions

    Longview FXR provides a centralized financial reporting solution with embedded support for XBRL tagging and document creation that dramatically improves financial report preparation and publishing to internal stakeholders and regulatory authorities. Longview FXR specifically focuses on... Read More
  • XLCubed Excel Edition By XLCubed Ltd.

    Connecting to Microsoft Analysis Services cubes (the BI component of Sql Server), XLCubed provides slice and dice analytics, free format asymmetric reporting, a rich environment for interactive, data connected Excel dashboards, and is fully write enabled to support planning and budgeting... Read More
  • XLCubed Mapping By XLCubed Ltd.

    Create fully interactive data driven map based data views in Excel, integrate within existing reports, and publish to XLCubed Web edition for widespread deployment Read More
  • XLCubed Web Edition By XLCubed Ltd.

    All reports, dashboards and analyses built in XLCubed Excel edition can be simply published to XLCubed Web. The Web reports retain the cube connection and are fully interactive through a zero footprint browser client. The Excel client is an exceptionally strong dashboard design environment,... Read More
  • XLMiner Data Mining Add-in For Excel By Frontline Systems Inc.

    XLMiner is the only comprehensive data mining add-in for Excel, with neural nets, classification and regression trees, logistic regression, linear regression, Bayes classifier, K-nearest neighbors, discriminant analysis, association rules, clustering, principal components, and more. XLMiner... Read More
  • XP3 Data Tools By Interactive Edge

    Access to the right data is critical to creating effective and compelling presentations. Whether you need to quickly create an ad hoc database from raw data on your desktop, or implement a fully automated data warehouse solution for your enterprise, XP3 has the tools to make this process... Read More
  • XP3 Presentation Builder By Interactive Edge

    Using software fully integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel, you can turn your data into insights and actionable recommendations right within the applications where you spend most of your time. Your team will have the power to create best-practice, turn-key presentations and reports... Read More
  • xtremedata By Tungsten Management Consulting Ltd.

    dbX is the new benchmark in MPP data warehousing Read More